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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Smooth Operator

Shaving can be an art. I’m speaking strictly about the face here; other areas may take even more talent given the grooves and wrinkles one might have to overcome while handling sharp blades or machines. Nevertheless, often times many men finish their shaving experience with nicks and cuts, at times redness and irritation. This is precisely the case for those with extra sensitive skin.

The aforementioned issues call for a solution. No more nicks or cuts and irritation would be great. However, let us be reality and realize that sometimes no matter how much of an expert one might be at his field humans are not infallible. Lest you be some demigod, in which case I’m super jealous.

After going through razor brands like Gene Simmons ‘allegedly’ went through females, I have recently stumbled upon a gem. The Fusion Pro Glide is my favorite. There is no science to it. Just put the battery in it and it will vibrate while you stroke your face gently (excited yet? I know I’m sweating) and the hair comes off with the skin leaving it unscathed.

Although, prior to shaving the best ritual to prevent many cuts is the following:

  1. Apply warm water
  2. Use a facial cleansing cream (my preference is cetaphil’s facewash)
  3. Wipe off cleanser with warm water once more
  4. Immediately apply alcohol-free shaving cream (Nivea or Aveeda works)
  5. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes

Then you may:

  1. Begin Shaving
  2. Wipe off hair and excess cream when finished
  3. Apply a non greasy, non heavy lotion to sooth the skin (my preference here is also cetaphil)
  4. Admire yourself in the mirror and everyone should be able to tell by the way you walk that you’re a woman’s man with no time to talk.

Hah…Hah…Hah, stayin’ clean shaven.

For a real perfect shave, I suggest forking up the cash for a nice barber who will get the job done with a straight razor. Just make sure he does not have a criminal record with sharp objects when it comes to assault or homicide.

Best of luck in your amateur shaving journey.

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