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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sperry me those flip flops...

Spring is here and Summer is around the corner. I expect to see a wide showcase of jeans, shorts and flip flops in beautiful Orlando. Last time I checked concrete does not equal sand, flip flops should be reserved for the beach (they are called SANDals right?), yard work or walking around inside your house.

There is nothing lazier than seeing someone with a decent long sleeve button-up, a pair of jeans and a flip flop. Please, put on some shoes. Don't cramp a bum's style who eats at Denny's while wearing the finest of sandals, be creative.

The best solution which can make you look like you're in style and be lazy at the same time is to just slip on a pair of Sperry's top-siders (since 1935).

They look good, feel great and are of great quality. They can easily be matched to any outfit and have an enormous variety. Now take those flippy floppies and put them away for your next beach trip.

Just a quick one, see ya later kids.