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Friday, January 6, 2012

Orient your Dive on a Budget

This title says a lot about the product which is about to be displayed on here. Not long ago there was a blog on watches titled "Neighborhood Watch". The blog inspired further forays into the world of watches. A world that is seemingly never ending in its range of styles, prices and models. In other words, there isn't enough time to cover it all. No pun intended.

Therefore, considering the above; watches will be something individually talked about as each time piece deserves its own short blog. How about we get to this blog's timepiece?

If you are looking for something affordable, that has a unique look and color scheme and a relatively large face, look no further than this gem by Orient watches.

The Orient Man's Automatic Watch CEM65003 - Mako Rubber. It truly stands out as a daily wearer that can be upgraded with a nice Nato Strap. It is a flexible watch that is good for plenty of scenarios, and dependent upon the custom strap added to it, it can even be used for fancier occasions other than the usual outing. This would make a nice addition to anyone's watch collection.

So if you have the money lying around, take advantage of this low priced time piece and you will not be disappointed.

Time out.

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