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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Those very words uttered by the Ace every time he parked a car...

You should also utter those same words every time you put on a shirt or pair of pants. They should both fit like a glove.

This is an addendum to the previous posting of tucking your clothes in where I briefly mention slim fitted shirts. There is nothing in the business world as well as the casual dress world that screams sloppy like a tucked in shirt that poofs to the sides because it isn't fitted. We have all been there. Hell, I still own a few shirts like that for those days where believe it or not, I'm careless about my appearance. Oh, wait...that never happens with me. Every day should be care-full, one slip up opens up the door to laziness and trust me it has a huge badonk that takes forever to go through that door until you can close it again and once allowed inside your room of neatness, it will take a heavy duty winch of willpower to get it out of there. Once it is gone shut that door for good, lock it, caulk it, weld it, use a light saber to melt the materials together, do whatever is necessary so it stays out.

Winners are always at the top of their game, there is no exception. Do you want to feel like a winner or like 90% of those other losers in your office or in the bar wearing the same old boring regular dude wear that doesn't stand out to anyone? I mean, I want the chicks noticing me and believe you me they do. A woman appreciates a well groomed man and they will tell you that, if not orally (potential pun...), via body language.

Therefore, whenever you are shopping for a button up or a polo, heck any type of shirt really, always look for the fitted versions. Be it tailor fit, slim fit, extra slim fit, olive oil fit, whatever suits your body best, try them on and see what works well. Same thing goes for pants as well, find a fitted pair of pants, none of that baggy nonsense. You're not in high school nor are you a bum. And if you are a bum wearing baggy pants, get another piece of cardboard and write "need fitted pants" on it. I will throw you one from my car window at the traffic light. Guaranteed.




Monday, July 18, 2011

One tuck and one no tuck...

Costanza preferred to have his bed untucked, however the subject of this particular post is not about hotel beds being tucked in with cement (judging form Constanza's hamstring injury when trying to untuck his bed with his legs), but rather about tucking shirts in...

There is a world of difference between non tucked shirts and shirts which are tucked in. I am a Nazi tucker because I make sure that all my shirts be they V-necks, Polos and button-ups, all adhere to this policy. It is just something that gives an already sharp looking outfit an extra refined highlight. Shirts which are untucked can often ruin the flow of an outfit and make the man look bigger than he usually is (sans slim fitted shirts) and thus detracting from his overall appearance. Even when taking slim fitted shirts into consideration one should tuck them in otherwise there is just this extra fabric hanging down over an awesome belt and jeans.

Even for men which are a bit on the heavier side (not those whose bellies "smiley face" over their buckles) can utilize this strategy. A tucked in shirt provides a smooth flow to the overall ensemble. There are no sudden breaks in the whole combination of pants, shirt and shoes. Additionally, what is the purpose of wearing a belt if the shirt is not tucked in? Oh, and none of that front tuck nonsense. I cannot think of a sloppier half-assed look than the front tuck. This actually outdoes the complete non tucked look because it shows that the man had the instinct to tuck in his shirt to show off his belt and buckle, but then decided, "Meh, this is good enough".

And for reference...yours truly embodying the aforementioned:


Au revoir...