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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where does the time go?

On your wrist of course (not around your neck). If you do not own a watch and you are a man, go out and buy one now. I don't care if it is a Casio calculator watch or a G-shock (well actually don't get either unless it comes with a nerd kit). Okay, I'll acquiesce and say that maybe a G-shock is okay for working out, but that is it.

Watches are a man's most important accessory. It can add so much to an already sharp outfit by making it that much sharper. If your outfit was a sharp knife, an amazing wrist watch would turn that knife into a samurai sword.

Remember to color code your watches to your belts and shoes please. No black belt, black shoes and a brown leather banded watch. Watches with gold bands and faces (or silver ones) are somewhat neutral and will go with most colors. White watches look awesome if worn at the right time (see what I did here?). I recommend bright and light colors that are not too heavy, white belt and perhaps a light colored or all-white pair of shoes.

Some cool brands to check out are Diesel, U-boat, Brera, Locman, Orefici and Jacob & Co. The latter brands might be too expensive for some but you can find alternatives that are just as stylish. Make sure to buy big faced watches, nothing puny that women would wear. I suggest faces that are 45mm or bigger (like the below Diesel watch, which I own of course).

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Sea" yourself in a new bathing suit

Spring is officially here, Summer is around the corner. It's time to refresh your beach gear by replacing the swimming trunks sitting in the dresser that the itsy bitsy spider now calls home. Take those cargo swimming trunks and kill it with fire (see below for instructions):
Now do yourself a favor and get a nice pair of swimming trunks that is guaranteed to make you look fresh (yeah I said it). Hugo Boss has a great collection, you got to swim to win with these babies:
Now go out, and acquire the above. Yes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sniff...Sniff...Someone smells...

Amazing. That's right, there are many colognes out there for men to choose. We have all been guilty of purchasing a cheap bottle in the past (think High School, early College years) but as a man gets older he needs to up the ante and smell like a winner in a private and professional environment.

Do yourself a favor, throw the Axe away (along with your Billabong shirt and cargo shorts) and the bottle of Curve you have with you. Save a bit of money and go for the higher caliber colognes which are sure to have you smelling like a million bucks.

My current winners are two colognes found in the Creed line up. Santal for a sensual, passionate night out on the town aroma and Green Irish Tweed for a clean, crisp and fresh all day scent worn only by [sarcasm] losers like Robert Redford, Cary Grant and Richard Gere [/sarcasm].

Note: These colognes are only available at high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus (a.k.a Needless Markups) and others. Go to these places to smell the Creed line up, pick your favorite and shop on line. Make sure to find a reputable and legit website that sells authentic Creed colognes. Luckily for you, I have found one already at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"Looking good Billy Ray! Feeling Good Louis!"

Ah, the famous line from one of the best movies to come out of the 80s, Trading Places. It resonates with me because it rings true...when you look good, you feel good.

Men often associate dressing well with homosexuality. I think that’s a pure cop out on the part of those who make this statement. It seems like an excuse sheet draped over a bed of laziness. After all, the way you present yourself in life is everything.

Some say it’s too much work and have zero patience to go out and look for some respectable clothing. I can understand that, and as a guy, I don’t like spending endless hours at the mall looking for clothes either. I’d much rather spend hours at a Best Buy just checking out gadgets, but I enjoy looking good and its major benefit: Women love it when a man knows how to dress well. Therefore, when I go shopping for clothes I always have a game plan ready.

Whenever I am getting ready to go and shop for a few new items I always hit up the same locations and check their online inventory prior to going there. This allows me to look at things that interest me, have an idea of what I am looking for once I get there, try it on, pick it up and go. At times I find some extra goodies lying around that I missed during my online pre-check that I may take with me also.

My personal tip for guys who don’t like spending a lot of time shopping at the mall is to simply pick your favorite stores and only go to them. This allows you to familiarize yourself with their lay out and to always know which section to go to pick up your favorite items. Every now and then venture out and try a new spot.

Some good spots for fashionable clothing:

  • Banana Republic

  • Zara

  • CK

  • Hugo Boss

  • Lacoste

  • JCrew

This is it for now, check back soon for some more tips from Dr. Troy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Setting it Off

Welcome to my blog...

I'm not yet sure on what to blog about but I'm very much into exercising, eating, going out, enjoying great restaurants, doing it all in style and living the good life. Let's see what my creative self can come up with...