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Friday, October 7, 2011

Smell yourself before you Check yourself

Selecting a great cologne can be a rather difficult process. All that sniffing
will leave you confused after a while as the signals sent to your brain
become less significant with each new smell. Ergo, this leads you to
think that something might not have a great scent when in fact it smells
better than a previous selection. Often times this approach will skew your
ultimate decision in what cologne to purchase.

This is why I’ve put this short post together on how to pick out a great
cologne for you, the reader. Instead of having a cocaine crazy
snort fest sans the mirror and the actual drug, do it right. The key to a good
decision in what scent you will decide to wear for the next year or so is
patience. This is an important point, because this is how most people will
remember you for the foreseeable future, either as the guy who always
smelled great or that musky smelling dude with the truck stop cologne.

So, without further ado:

Pick five colognes that you think may be of good quality. Out of the five
select two favorites and spray one on each wrist. Walk around the mall or
store with it for an hour or so and then smell your wrists once again. This is
fail proof.

After one hour the heart note develops and it is only then that one really
knows how the cologne’s fragrance will coalesce with the particular
chemistry of your skin.

For your reference, a fragrance has three notes/layers:

1. The head (top) note is what one smells first; it contains a lot of alcohol,
and a perfume/cologne should not be bought based on this.

2. The next one is the heart (middle) note which develops about one hour after
applying the fragrance.

3. The third one is the base note which is what you still smell at the end
of the day

If you are looking for some starter colognes, there are two which
are a staple in most guy’s bathroom cabinets. Acqua Di Gio and Cool Water
are somewhat similar and are both quite affordable making them very
mainstream fragrances. A mid-range fragrance I would recommend would
be Bleu de Chanel. This scent a bit heavier and more pronounced and
is best worn during an evening or night out on the town. The quality
is fairly decent as its scent will last a while before it
Now, my ultimate favorite scents are ones from Creed. These are advanced
fragrances that do not come cheap. They are made in France and have
been around for quite some time. Many powerful and prominent people
such as politicians, CEOs and movie stars tend to wear these. My favorites
thus far from Creed are:

1.Green Irish Tweed
The first two fragrances should be worn during the day time as they
are lighter and crispier than the latter two. They have a citrus like scent
which is fresh and quite enchanting. The Aventus cologne is truly a great
smelling one and in my opinion is best worn during an afternoon or early
evening outing. It blends in quite well with the Fall weather and it reflects
the beautiful climate experienced during this season. Santal offers a
mysteriously sexy scent which clearly entices those of the opposite sex. I
have had many compliments from this cologne. This one is strictly a night
cologne as it carries a smell that is consistent with a night out at a bar/
club or special event. It is a sports coat, black tie, tuxedo appropriate
scent. There you have it, a short and concise guide to colognes. Now go
out and pick a winning fragrance that reeks of success, drive, sexiness and

Smell ya later.