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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hairdo Yourself a Favor

Taming a bull sometimes can be easier than taming your hair considering the weapons one yields in each respective fight. Additionally, weather conditions cannot alter a bull’s direction or composition, except perhaps its behavior. This is why I submit that our hair provides us all with the ultimate battle. Maybe not:

Some men get lazy and decide to go for the typical crew cut that keeps things short, neat and in place. Faded streaks leading to thumbprints on top of their heads, is the style a lot of guys use. If that’s what works for you, more power to you. However, a full head of hair might be a better alternative. Step out of the bed head (no pun intended) mentality and wake up to a new style that will attract more attention and make you more presentable.

Whatever style you choose to go with, you will need something to mold that new hair into what you envision to be the end result. Gel is unnecessary these days unless you enjoy looking like part of the cast of the movie Grease. Summer lovin’ may be a blast, but your hair is nasty. Leave the grease where it belongs, the auto shop.

A better product to use is Bed Head's for men Matte Separation Workable Wax, for a quick look that is sporty and modern. In case of a sleeker look for a more serious atmosphere, a combination of the aforementioned can be used with CHI hair spray to make sure the hair holds its ground no matter what, like a last man standing scenario.

It will keep you looking like you just walked out to greet Jay Leno all night long. In other words, you will look fresh minus the prince of bel-air part.

As a bonus, here's a picture of yours truly using a combo of the above products during a recent runway show:

Alright, I'm gone.

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