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Monday, January 2, 2012

Neighborhood Watch

Watches are available in all sizes and shapes. Beautifully crafted timepieces that say much about an individual's taste and personality. They range from the most subtle to the most gaudy. Nevertheless, some have broad appeal while others remain obscure and only owned by small groups of aficionados. The current trend as recently promulgated in this NY Times article is for watches that contain a bigger face. This can be seen throughout wrists around the country and the globe. Small watches are like small people; if you look straight ahead, you will not notice them. Ergo, big is in when it comes to watches.

A man's watch should be at the very least in the 36mm range all the way up to the mid 50s. No need to reach Flava Flav proportions though.

These days you'll catch a variety of men with status sporting the larger faced Panerais, Breitlings among other brands. U-boat watches are my favorites of course, Italo Fontana does not disappoint; but what does that matter? It's only my blog post.

In the more affordable mid range, you will find Hamilton watches. In particular this model is just the right proportions. Spelling out bold and refined, it's a must in terms of wrist acquisitions and affordable as well. The Khaki Pilot 46:

If you don't mind the inaccuracy of the downward pointing arrow (signifying a dive) which is non-reflective of true Pilot watches where all arrows point upwards toward the sky, you know, where planes are usually found, then this is a beautiful piece. If only its name was The Khaki Submariner 46...sigh. Well you can call it that when showing it to inquisitive people.

Time out.

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