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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Duffle Bag Blog

Working out is great; it helps you be more active, healthier and burn off those extra calories that most like to indulge in during the weekends. Traveling is fantastic, it helps you get your mind off the usual routine, it deregulates and defrags the brain leading to a much needed reboot. Camping can be fun, it helps you to be at one with nature, cleanse the lungs with the freshness of the outside air and appreciate God’s other works. Going to the beach is marvelous, it provides the skin with a nice dose of Vitamin D from our beautiful sun, provides a chance to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the ocean as its waves wash upon the sand and seagulls caw just above the water searching for fish, a real life version to your sleep CD, “The sounds of Nature”.

You might be asking yourself, why is David mentioning all of these wonderful things for no particular reason? Well, all of these examples share one thing in common. They all require that you use a means with which to carry things to those destinations.

If you’re in tune with your style and know how to dress for all of the above situations, you must also carry the extra items which will be required in a bag that reflects your style. If you want the typical sporty duffle bag, go for it. However, one has to admit that it looks silly to walk into the gym after your day of CEO’ing ends and you’re wearing a rather stylish ensemble, but cancelling it all out with the Adidas billboard under your shoulder.

It’s simple, why stop at clothing? If you’re looking to be consistent in all facets of life and you cherish your style and enjoy looking good, carry something worthy of that stance. There are some great options out there. My favorite one for an overall carry that can fit all of the aforementioned situations in the opening paragraph is a Made in the USA gem of a duffle bag.

I present to you, the Possibilities Bag by Beckel Canvas:

Other styles that cannot endure the conditions some of the above scenarios may present can also be used for the more laid back occasions. Styles such as the more expensive options below also look good, nothing too gaudy or too sporty. Find a happy medium and you’ll be glad you did. This is one occasion where a one size fits all approach can be successfully achieved. Take your pick, find what you like and go on an adventure. Maybe take a plane and fly out somewhere Layover style with your favorite uniform. You can thank me later.

Ravine by Herschel Supply Co.:

Canvas 'Cirtin' Weekender Bag by none other than the Boss, HUGO BOSS:

Every day I’m Dufflin’, dufflin’…

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