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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Watches on a budget

Owning a large watch collection may considerably set you back financially depending upon the types of models one obtains. Even watches that are considered within the affordable range ($200-$500) can still burn a hole in most pockets, especially in a time where spending frivolously on luxury items isn't advised.

Therefore, this post is just a suggestion on how to expand your watch collection in a 'pseudo' manner. Most people will never notice that you are not purchasing new watches as much as you are changing the look of your current watches. This is an economical way with which to add some pizzazz to your look and bring back to life a certain charm about any old watch that may have been set aside into the darkness of the back end of a dresser drawer.

Exchanging bands can be done to any one watch in particular. Enough patterns and color schemes exist out there to satiate any specific taste. From leather bands to Nato and Zulu bands, there are a ton of options from which to choose. Below you will see pictures of how a 'boring' Kenneth Cole watch owned by yours truly was brought back to life with some inexpensive updates:

A great website with the all of the above tools is There you will find all of these items at a relatively low price. There you have it, an easy way to improve an essential male accessory.

Time out.

PS: Here is a great youtube video on how to actually change watch bands:

Wednesday, January 25, 2012, I approve.

You may currently have a profile on one of several dating sites in an attempt to bait a potential partner. Consequently, you have gone on several individual dates that have been misses and none have hit that proverbial ‘out of the park’ home run that could potentially translate into a decisive win in a game which innings never seem to end at times. You spend your money paying for dinners and drinks that although give you an opportunity to meet new people, one at a time, have failed to produce any lasting results.

In today’s fast paced environment it is hard to find venues outside of the usual club and bar scene to meet ordinary people looking for something other than a quick fix. Once out of college, the opportunity to meet that special someone diminishes greatly. Let’s face it; universities are equivalent to the giant grand bazaar in Instanbul where several sellers want you to by their product. It’s a mad dash for the best bang for your buck, no pun intended.

No one wants to look for someone at work either, lest the situation not work out (no pun intended) and leave you with negative consequences and stigmas that you may haunt you all the way to that potential promotion. Rumors are too easily started and it takes a major commitment from both parties to ensure things are kept confidential. Eventually, like Fukushima, some internal earthquake occurs that causes a spill and the entire office is exposed to the radiation of your failed relationship. This leads to personal tension in a professional environment that might even prevent you from being successful in your field.

Like many, I fall into one of the aforementioned scenarios. I’ve done the online deal and view it as a learning experience going forward. However, these occurrences turned me into a cynic that has become jaded with failures upon subsequent failures of expectations set too high and even those set too low, far from being extensive and trivial in their nature, were seldom met. It becomes mentally and financially daunting (especially in today’s rough economic environment) to continuously date people in order to find the golden nugget in this mad dash for the river of promises.

Recently, in a bizarre turn of events and in the most unexpected of scenarios I was approached by someone who presented to me an entirely new concept to the dating scene. Considering the above, I was quite skeptical at first, but being open minded I let this person tell me what ‘’ was all about.

Here was an idea that mixed my first two introductory paragraphs together, minus the quick fix part. In short, it’s simple and effective; you take any happening spot around town that’s holding a Dinnerdate event, be it a bar or a trendy restaurant, and book yourself a seat there. This is all done and explained on their site at Each event has a limited number of ‘daters’ that can participate. These daters, with whom you will be hanging out, are visible on the site as having booked a seat at the event as well, so you have an idea of the caliber of people that will be joining you. What really sold me on the idea is this; there are zero expectations or any pressure in going to exclusively meet any one in particular. You pay for your own dinner and that is it. If you meet someone at the dinner and want to follow up with them later, that is up to you. One thing is guaranteed, you will have something to do on the weekend that will be different and fun. You will network and meet new people, make friends or even set potential subsequent encounters! Romantic or professional!

In my event, I was delighted to be surrounded by intelligent, young and talented professionals from our local Orlando community. We were able to turn what could be a cold and formal situation into a relaxed atmosphere of great exchanges crisscrossing the table like a battlefield of words where the artillery had no particular target except fun. Not only was the environment a good one due to those partaking in the event, but the food was also very good due to the restaurant which was picked (Nick’s Italian Kitchen). The drinks (obtained separate from the booking fee) also played a major role as a constant variable in this playful equation. This combined for a fun night that led to post dinner shenanigans and new friends. There was absolutely no pressure and no one was left having to pick up the tab for any one else! This key factor really helped take the pressure off and set the scene for an informal night with zero expectations to something that surpassed any previous skepticism I may have had.

In closing, you should do yourself a favor and sign up at and just try them out once if nothing else. Give yourself an opportunity to see things from a different perspective and then to try them out in person. Allow new situations to break you out of conventional dating norms and enjoy this new premise. If you don’t meet anyone at first, no problem, you’re only stuck paying for your own dinner anyway! Take it from me, as a seasoned dater who has been more than disappointed with products already being offered in the market, don’t be a fool, try this out!

Note: This post contains genuine comment from me and is sponsored by the team as part of an informational campaign to get the word out for this great concept!

Serially (hehe) yours,


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don’t just work out to look good. Look good and work out.

Often times you wander around a gym and find some people wearing what looks to be a post war refugee attire [think ripped shirts], post ‘daring escape’ from a burning building attire, a representation of the many colors of the rainbow and sometimes even pajamas. There are many people who style themselves rather well outside of the gym, but not inside. It’s such a simple thing, like carrying a respectable duffle bag. Yet many fail miserably at this. Consistency is important in life, why let this example of a lack there of persist?

There are so many options for good workout clothes that wearing the shirt you only used once - during High School Football try outs because your non athletic self didn’t make the cut - should not even be remotely considered. If your shorts are made from any material resembling flannel, please go. No chamois cloth, except at auto shops. No jeans either!

Prices for workout attires are relatively affordable depending on which brand one decides. Under armour is one of the best and a favorite among many elite athletes, or at least that’s what their contract stipulates they say, but let’s face it, no one reading this falls under this category (not even me believe it or not). Nike has some great options as well. These can be bought online or at a brick and mortar alternative such as Sports Authority. Other less expensive options can be found through some further digging online or at your local Target Supercenter. You can find some good ones as well at bargain retail stores like a TJ Maxx.

If you’re not necessarily in a semi decent shape, avoid the skin tight shirts that mold to the body. They are not flattering to those of a portly nature [think muffin tops]. Stick to a regular fitted shirt with a good material that feels light yet strong enough to absorb the sweat without looking as if you went in the pool with the shirt on. Shorts should not be too big like basketball style shorts. You’re only working out, not trying out for the NBA (you didn’t even make the cut in high school football). Aim for something that is at knee level or barely above it.

So if you don’t want to look as if you’re representing the Banana Republic at the lame Olympics, go out and pick up some decent workout gear. You will feel much better at the gym than before. You’ll be sexy and you’ll know it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Orient your Dive on a Budget

This title says a lot about the product which is about to be displayed on here. Not long ago there was a blog on watches titled "Neighborhood Watch". The blog inspired further forays into the world of watches. A world that is seemingly never ending in its range of styles, prices and models. In other words, there isn't enough time to cover it all. No pun intended.

Therefore, considering the above; watches will be something individually talked about as each time piece deserves its own short blog. How about we get to this blog's timepiece?

If you are looking for something affordable, that has a unique look and color scheme and a relatively large face, look no further than this gem by Orient watches.

The Orient Man's Automatic Watch CEM65003 - Mako Rubber. It truly stands out as a daily wearer that can be upgraded with a nice Nato Strap. It is a flexible watch that is good for plenty of scenarios, and dependent upon the custom strap added to it, it can even be used for fancier occasions other than the usual outing. This would make a nice addition to anyone's watch collection.

So if you have the money lying around, take advantage of this low priced time piece and you will not be disappointed.

Time out.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hairdo Yourself a Favor

Taming a bull sometimes can be easier than taming your hair considering the weapons one yields in each respective fight. Additionally, weather conditions cannot alter a bull’s direction or composition, except perhaps its behavior. This is why I submit that our hair provides us all with the ultimate battle. Maybe not:

Some men get lazy and decide to go for the typical crew cut that keeps things short, neat and in place. Faded streaks leading to thumbprints on top of their heads, is the style a lot of guys use. If that’s what works for you, more power to you. However, a full head of hair might be a better alternative. Step out of the bed head (no pun intended) mentality and wake up to a new style that will attract more attention and make you more presentable.

Whatever style you choose to go with, you will need something to mold that new hair into what you envision to be the end result. Gel is unnecessary these days unless you enjoy looking like part of the cast of the movie Grease. Summer lovin’ may be a blast, but your hair is nasty. Leave the grease where it belongs, the auto shop.

A better product to use is Bed Head's for men Matte Separation Workable Wax, for a quick look that is sporty and modern. In case of a sleeker look for a more serious atmosphere, a combination of the aforementioned can be used with CHI hair spray to make sure the hair holds its ground no matter what, like a last man standing scenario.

It will keep you looking like you just walked out to greet Jay Leno all night long. In other words, you will look fresh minus the prince of bel-air part.

As a bonus, here's a picture of yours truly using a combo of the above products during a recent runway show:

Alright, I'm gone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Duffle Bag Blog

Working out is great; it helps you be more active, healthier and burn off those extra calories that most like to indulge in during the weekends. Traveling is fantastic, it helps you get your mind off the usual routine, it deregulates and defrags the brain leading to a much needed reboot. Camping can be fun, it helps you to be at one with nature, cleanse the lungs with the freshness of the outside air and appreciate God’s other works. Going to the beach is marvelous, it provides the skin with a nice dose of Vitamin D from our beautiful sun, provides a chance to unwind and enjoy the beauty of the ocean as its waves wash upon the sand and seagulls caw just above the water searching for fish, a real life version to your sleep CD, “The sounds of Nature”.

You might be asking yourself, why is David mentioning all of these wonderful things for no particular reason? Well, all of these examples share one thing in common. They all require that you use a means with which to carry things to those destinations.

If you’re in tune with your style and know how to dress for all of the above situations, you must also carry the extra items which will be required in a bag that reflects your style. If you want the typical sporty duffle bag, go for it. However, one has to admit that it looks silly to walk into the gym after your day of CEO’ing ends and you’re wearing a rather stylish ensemble, but cancelling it all out with the Adidas billboard under your shoulder.

It’s simple, why stop at clothing? If you’re looking to be consistent in all facets of life and you cherish your style and enjoy looking good, carry something worthy of that stance. There are some great options out there. My favorite one for an overall carry that can fit all of the aforementioned situations in the opening paragraph is a Made in the USA gem of a duffle bag.

I present to you, the Possibilities Bag by Beckel Canvas:

Other styles that cannot endure the conditions some of the above scenarios may present can also be used for the more laid back occasions. Styles such as the more expensive options below also look good, nothing too gaudy or too sporty. Find a happy medium and you’ll be glad you did. This is one occasion where a one size fits all approach can be successfully achieved. Take your pick, find what you like and go on an adventure. Maybe take a plane and fly out somewhere Layover style with your favorite uniform. You can thank me later.

Ravine by Herschel Supply Co.:

Canvas 'Cirtin' Weekender Bag by none other than the Boss, HUGO BOSS:

Every day I’m Dufflin’, dufflin’…

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Smooth Operator

Shaving can be an art. I’m speaking strictly about the face here; other areas may take even more talent given the grooves and wrinkles one might have to overcome while handling sharp blades or machines. Nevertheless, often times many men finish their shaving experience with nicks and cuts, at times redness and irritation. This is precisely the case for those with extra sensitive skin.

The aforementioned issues call for a solution. No more nicks or cuts and irritation would be great. However, let us be reality and realize that sometimes no matter how much of an expert one might be at his field humans are not infallible. Lest you be some demigod, in which case I’m super jealous.

After going through razor brands like Gene Simmons ‘allegedly’ went through females, I have recently stumbled upon a gem. The Fusion Pro Glide is my favorite. There is no science to it. Just put the battery in it and it will vibrate while you stroke your face gently (excited yet? I know I’m sweating) and the hair comes off with the skin leaving it unscathed.

Although, prior to shaving the best ritual to prevent many cuts is the following:

  1. Apply warm water
  2. Use a facial cleansing cream (my preference is cetaphil’s facewash)
  3. Wipe off cleanser with warm water once more
  4. Immediately apply alcohol-free shaving cream (Nivea or Aveeda works)
  5. Let it sit for 2-3 minutes

Then you may:

  1. Begin Shaving
  2. Wipe off hair and excess cream when finished
  3. Apply a non greasy, non heavy lotion to sooth the skin (my preference here is also cetaphil)
  4. Admire yourself in the mirror and everyone should be able to tell by the way you walk that you’re a woman’s man with no time to talk.

Hah…Hah…Hah, stayin’ clean shaven.

For a real perfect shave, I suggest forking up the cash for a nice barber who will get the job done with a straight razor. Just make sure he does not have a criminal record with sharp objects when it comes to assault or homicide.

Best of luck in your amateur shaving journey.