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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Don’t just work out to look good. Look good and work out.

Often times you wander around a gym and find some people wearing what looks to be a post war refugee attire [think ripped shirts], post ‘daring escape’ from a burning building attire, a representation of the many colors of the rainbow and sometimes even pajamas. There are many people who style themselves rather well outside of the gym, but not inside. It’s such a simple thing, like carrying a respectable duffle bag. Yet many fail miserably at this. Consistency is important in life, why let this example of a lack there of persist?

There are so many options for good workout clothes that wearing the shirt you only used once - during High School Football try outs because your non athletic self didn’t make the cut - should not even be remotely considered. If your shorts are made from any material resembling flannel, please go. No chamois cloth, except at auto shops. No jeans either!

Prices for workout attires are relatively affordable depending on which brand one decides. Under armour is one of the best and a favorite among many elite athletes, or at least that’s what their contract stipulates they say, but let’s face it, no one reading this falls under this category (not even me believe it or not). Nike has some great options as well. These can be bought online or at a brick and mortar alternative such as Sports Authority. Other less expensive options can be found through some further digging online or at your local Target Supercenter. You can find some good ones as well at bargain retail stores like a TJ Maxx.

If you’re not necessarily in a semi decent shape, avoid the skin tight shirts that mold to the body. They are not flattering to those of a portly nature [think muffin tops]. Stick to a regular fitted shirt with a good material that feels light yet strong enough to absorb the sweat without looking as if you went in the pool with the shirt on. Shorts should not be too big like basketball style shorts. You’re only working out, not trying out for the NBA (you didn’t even make the cut in high school football). Aim for something that is at knee level or barely above it.

So if you don’t want to look as if you’re representing the Banana Republic at the lame Olympics, go out and pick up some decent workout gear. You will feel much better at the gym than before. You’ll be sexy and you’ll know it.

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