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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Why do we fall? So we can post again...

After watching the latest movie in the Dark Knight trilogy, yes I'm quite late to the party, I have come to an epiphany.  Aside from the awesomeness with which the movie carries its suspenseful tone all throughout its duration, I was able to reflect upon a trivial portion of it which led me to the following...

The below statement is an opinion and nothing more, I have not checked facts, researched this, nor am I a comic book nerd who follows everything.  However, I do admire the creativity with which many of these stories are created.

"Bruce Wayne is to DC comics what Tony Stark is to Marvel comics." 

Who is the coolest, who is the most bad ass, who is the wealthiest, who has the most gadgets, who is more technologically advanced?

Reflecting strictly upon recent movies and setting aside all comic books stories, alternate reality stories, I believe it is a tie.  Although Tony is unequivocally the most entertaining of all super hero characters, Bruce is up to par with him in many aspects.

Both characters are notorious for the many women which they attract; both are literally billionaires, philanthropists in their own right, have their secret hiding spots, and sundry gadgets.  The major difference between both, one is an ostensible egocentric show off with a computer for a butler, and the other more of an outsider with large emotional scars with a real life British butler.  I'll take my butlers British any day of the week.

In Forbes fictional listing of the top wealthiest characters, Tony has an estimated 9.3 billion dollars net worth  while Bruce comes up a bit short at 6.9 billion dollars.  Also, what Tony has in engineering technology and marvels, is only outdone by Bruce's actual hand to hand combat abilities which are unparalleled for a regular human not yielding a prosthetic exoskeleton that aids its pilot in enhancing his/her senses to extra-human capacity.  Although, Bruce also wears a suit which does offer him an edge, it cannot be compared to Tony's.

However, as far as style and fashion is concerned, I have to hand it to Tony.  After seeing Bruce's 3-button (1990s style) suit, I no longer respect his sense of style.  In my opinion, it is a draw.  Feel free to post your comments about this comparison below, I am sure you are all way more educated in the topic than I am.

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