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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Podiatric Sartorialism

Sporting Christmas Socks
Socks are often overlooked and never really an area of much focus when it comes to an outfit's priorities for most.  I submit that instead of leaving socks to your fashion 'after thought,' they should be just as an essential part of your wardrobe as any other relevant piece.  A well placed pair of festive socks can often say that under all of that toned down outfit, there is a party waiting to happen.

A conservative outfit at a business meeting can sometimes just blend in with the rest of the automatons discussing figures on a PowerPoint slide.  However, once you cross your legs and the pants ride up a few centimeters revealing a colorful display of fashion sense, the observant onlooker will realize that there is more to you than meets the eye.  You're not just a regular Peterbilt truck, but you can shape your self into quite the  unique individual on a moment's notice (Transformers fans will understand this reference).

More emphasis should be place on what can only be rightfully labeled as the podiatric sport coat.  Some great places for socks can be J.Crew, Vivarati, Bonobos, and sundry others will appear after a quick Google search for fun socks.

Here are some of my own fun combinations to get you started:

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