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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Movies with Style

This weekend I felt inspired after looking at some movies that truly indirectly provide men with stylish tips. Now granted, not everyone may pull most of these looks off, however they are there to show how a true man should dress himself. Of course, again some of the outfits and ensembles might not be for everyone, but a variation thereof might suffice. Let's just say it's a good base and start for most. The movie I will specifically point out later has fantastic and intriguing plots and although a re-make, it is a well done one that stayed true to its origins unlike most modern revisions of past classics.

The suits, the shirts and pants and shoes displayed in the two main protagonists and some antagonists are simply outstanding and should be a part of any gentleman's wardrobe. If you have not yet guessed which movie I am referring to, I'll give you a hint, it's got Clooney in it, heists, and suits. Still unsure?

Ocean's 11, 12, and 13 are all very good movies. Of course my single favorite is 13 followed by 11 and lastly 12. However, when it comes to scenery accompanying the style of clothing, 12 is a hands down winner. A setting in European hot spots with high end luxury clothes goes together like Oreos and milk. This [these are] is one of those movies that should be on every man's list.

ocean eleven pictures

ocean eleven pictures

 oceans eleven wallpapers

By the way, here is a nice video I stumbled upon that is just amazing when it comes to style and urban living. The way it was edited truly does steal me away from reality during its entire duration and mesmerizes my fashion sense...without any further ado, enjoy it:

I'm gone.

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