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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Toight like a Toyger!

This post is based entirely upon an opinion that I have regarding the way some females tend to dress these days.  When hanging out around town you can quite often see a myriad of interesting outfits and ensembles that at times boggle the mind and makes you wonder why a cast member from La Nouba decided to hit the clubs on a work night.

It is unfortunate to see so many combinations of ruffles, colors, patterns and everything else in between.  Females must realize that those things do nothing but for the most part distract us guys from their own natural features, analogous to a nice imported sedan with all the bells and whistles with custom wheels and paint job.  Although it may add to the car, it detracts from its original features.

In this case though I believe that all these added distractions do not complement the female one bit.  I want to see their face, their smile, eyes, hair and figure.  If you are fit, please do not wear loose dresses and clothing.  Is it fashionable to do so?  Sure, I believe it can be, but it doesn't accentuate any curves and instead it looks like MC Hammer's closet was raided; two words: Parachute pants.

Therefore, if you are a girl, an attractive one...keyword being "attractive", do yourself a favor and wear solid colors with as little patterns as possible.  If you do decide to wear a mix of colors, make them subtle.  Ronald McDonald may be popular, but it's not because of his fashion sense.  Use tight fitted dresses or clothes themselves that outline the divine work of art that a woman's well designed body can be.  After all, you had the best architect ever.  

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