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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I wish Hugo was my Boss

Well, winter is almost upon us. Especially for those Nordic and northern European countries that freeze over for several months of the year. This leads me to Germany, home of my favorite brand of clothing. Its very name connotes ownership in an industry with many rivals, Hugo Boss.

Sure they have somewhat of a dark past being the "supplier of Nazi uniforms since 1924" as Hugo himself claimed. Fortunately, this tie to one of the most fascist, totalitarian and evil regimes in the world is past history. I don't hold grudges, even being Jewish.

I was in awe after seeing their new ad campaign for 2011. Never in a period of a couple of minutes have I witnessed so much exceptional fashion sense and experienced so much want. The outfits are intense, bold and strong. The female model is absolutely the very definition of the word sexy. Not to take away anything from the male models either, the whole ensemble was perfectly picked.

Just wanted to stop by and drop this off...


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