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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Where does the time go?

On your wrist of course (not around your neck). If you do not own a watch and you are a man, go out and buy one now. I don't care if it is a Casio calculator watch or a G-shock (well actually don't get either unless it comes with a nerd kit). Okay, I'll acquiesce and say that maybe a G-shock is okay for working out, but that is it.

Watches are a man's most important accessory. It can add so much to an already sharp outfit by making it that much sharper. If your outfit was a sharp knife, an amazing wrist watch would turn that knife into a samurai sword.

Remember to color code your watches to your belts and shoes please. No black belt, black shoes and a brown leather banded watch. Watches with gold bands and faces (or silver ones) are somewhat neutral and will go with most colors. White watches look awesome if worn at the right time (see what I did here?). I recommend bright and light colors that are not too heavy, white belt and perhaps a light colored or all-white pair of shoes.

Some cool brands to check out are Diesel, U-boat, Brera, Locman, Orefici and Jacob & Co. The latter brands might be too expensive for some but you can find alternatives that are just as stylish. Make sure to buy big faced watches, nothing puny that women would wear. I suggest faces that are 45mm or bigger (like the below Diesel watch, which I own of course).

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