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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Detroit Bankruptcy: Developments

Reason magazine gracefully captured recent events in a post bankruptcy more below:

Interesting events in Detroit are beginning to take place, the community has been getting together for their own mutual benefit of improving the conditions of their surroundings through charities, church groups, and groups of volunteers sharing their own precious time to mow lawns, keep vacant homes boarded up to bar criminal squatters, private security has become more prevalent in an effort to maintain order in neighborhoods, new police cars and ambulances were purchased by wealthy charities, but unfortunately the latter two items will be provided to the city government who has been progressively decreasing basic services because of a lack of funds.    

However, these will also probably end up being driven by volunteers if things continue on their current path.  After all, why provide a municipal government that has been an utter failure with fresh resources taken out of private funds voluntarily?  Why reward failure?  Why give to an entity that has failed to meet its very basic function (protection)?  An entity which would rather try and keep its authoritative hand by removing a simple bench voluntarily built by a community at a local bus stop so that commuters would have a place to sit and relax while waiting for their ride because it does not comply with local transportation department standards.  

An agency which uses expropriated private property through taxation to fund itself will engage in an action that will remove a simple wooden bench put together by those very tax payers.  It is akin to taking money out of my wallet to pay to remove something I have done (paid for privately and voluntarily) that does not meet your expectations.  Indeed it is correct to ponder, how can a public protection agency which monopolizes this sector be responsible for private property when in order for it to function is must expropriate from that very property (its owners) which it has been tasked to protect.  A bigger contradiction cannot exist.

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