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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sock it to your Pants

All sock puppets aside, many people don't give socks the love they deserve. Perhaps Mankind had a good run in putting socks at the forefront of television during WWF's (WWE now) heydays as Mr. Socko.

Although they are a small addition to your wardrobe and don't make much of an impact, they can create a rather weird break in the flow of your outfit if not chosen carefully.

If you are wearing a business suit or a business casual outfit at the office, your socks must match the color of the pants you are wearing, not the shoes. It's a common error that I see done daily among the bizarre world of style that is an American corporate office. I hate to say it, but it's true. Few know how to truly dress respectably. Also, please do not spoil a nice pair of Top-siders with socks, it's sacrilege. On second thought, some examples have a certain inexplainable pizzazz to them (see below).
I can let these go if you can pull off this look yourself. I know I totally can (obligatory self ego stroke). I suppose that this is also okay during winter time, lest your feet get frost bite like Mr. Deeds.
Jeans are the exception, in this instance you can match the color of the socks to the shoes being worn. Unless, yes there is a caveat, the Jeans themselves are of a specific color. I'm not referring to GTH & FU pants (example below), but a beige pair for example would require a beige pair of socks and so on.
In conclusion, make sure to wear the right socks with the right pants people. If you use another color, it breaks the flow of the pants. Dress socks are an extension of the pants going into the shoes. This creates a harmonious look. And finally, please get a pair of dress socks high enough to not show any skin even when sitting down. Hairy shins are not like cleavage, this statement ought to explain itself.

Here are some examples from yours truly fashionable gent, Dr. Klein:

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